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Government & Non-Profits

Cost-effective print communications solutions!

At a time when budgets are shrinking and more attention is being paid to the bottom line than ever before, Documedia models how to be fiscally frugal yet still attract the donors and program participants you need to grow.

We are one of the most trusted and well known print companies in California, offering high quality, and low cost print communication strategies. Get the cost-effective print solutions you need to thrive that won’t bust your budget!


Here’s how we’ll do it:

Smart Ideas

We’ll shift to more cost effective ideas and measure the return on those ideas

Project Specific Operation

We’ll ask you what you want to accomplish and communicate through your graphic communications while gathering pertinent information on the specific operation and concerns of your business

Alternative Costs

We’ll offer alternatives to principal concentrations of cost and labor.

Stay Updated

We’ll present the full range of available products and technologies representing proven means of increasing sales and operational inefficiencies!

Operate Efficiently

We’ll look for operational efficiencies in ordering, distribution, fulfillment, inventory management and production

Here’s another way we’ll save you money:

At Documedia, we are proud of our reputation and the services we can provide due to our unique corporate structure. You see, our industry utilizes a myriad of vendors who specialize in creating products for distributors like us.

These vendors do not have direct sales forces, allowing us to act as a liaison to offer multiple solutions to meet our client’s requirements or access the leading technologies on a pay as you go basis.

We are able to select among the best solutions for our client’s requirements without having to favor “in house” resources – thereby saving you money.

Now stop imagining and
make this dream a reality