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Who We Are:

Documedia has been named a Top 100 Distributor for the last six years by the premiere North American multimedia peer trade association. We have served the communities of Southern California since 1999 and continue to provide the people of California, Nevada, and other states with cost-effective print solutions.

Here at Documedia Group we are a unique collection of graphic communications specialists with a remarkable range of individual expertise and experience in printing, imaging and information rendering of all types. From the simplest business form to the most complex marketing campaigns, we provide your business with the print communications it needs to communicate most effectively.
We are your solution for maintaining a dynamic presence in the marketplace.

Built around the belief that we are working with more than paper, but lives, Documedia Group continues to help companies succeed, one person at a time.

Our Benefits:

By allowing Documedia to produce your print communications materials, you will:

Enhance your company’s image.
Improve your profit picture.
Make your life easier.
Increase your productivity by freeing yourself and your staff up to concentrate on your core business.
Reduce your costs by eliminating unnecessary printing expenses.
Gain a team of experts.
Gain access to leading-edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment.
Create and maintain an accurate representation of your company’s value and purpose.

What We Do for You:

Whether you require a simple business form or a complex marketing campaign, we provide a product that makes your business’ print communications cutting edge, relatable, and effective. Get customized with screen printing, offset printing, foil stamping, embossing and debossing. For the tools to create a dynamic presence in the marketplace, choose Documedia.

Our People (Are Awesome):

Get ready to shake hands with our friendly staff and dive into your project with designers who create a personal experience, communicate easily, and are aiming for your success! The diverse expertise of our staff covers the whole gambit of print communications. These professionals are committed to patient consulting with each client, and ultimately cultivating a product which conveys your brand with excellence!

Our Community:

When you choose Documedia as your print communications provider, you are selecting a business partner that is dedicated to meeting your needs and providing you with superior service. Your – and your customers’ – satisfaction is our #1 priority.

Documedia Cares:

Being active in our community is crucial at Documedia Group. We are proud to be members of our local Chambers of Commerce and international service clubs like Rotary. Giving back to our community through numerous local charitable organizations is never done arbitrarily. Our affiliates and employees share our strong belief that this course of action is meaningful and necessary to building a thriving community.

Documedia Group lends additional support through a modest matching funds grant for each of our associates. Some of the beneficiaries of Documedia Group donations are:

The American Heart Association
Wounded Warrior Project
The United Way
Boys and Girls Clubs of Anaheim
CHOC – Children’s Hospital of Orange County
Boy Scouts of America
American Red Cross
Student Ministry Partners
Family Service Association of Redlands
Agape Youth Ranch
Casa Colina Foundation
The Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund
St. Edmunds Nursery School Literacy Fund
Rotary International
Amyloidosis Research Consortium

We hope to do our part to make a positive impact. If you see a need that we might help fill, please contact any of our sales or support staff with your idea.

Now stop imagining and
make this dream a reality

flexibility of the elements

We created a seasonal menu utilizing digital technology for an upscale restaurant/caterer. The flexibility of the elements allows for custom presentations at larger exhibition events and more rapid change in menu items. Previously, the customer purchased large quantities and was stuck with either trashing them or exhausting them prior to making changes.

75th Anniversary

We had a client celebrating a 75th anniversary. They had a very unusual logo design and we used a digital wine label stock to allow the artwork to be affixed to a ceramic piggy bank. Die sublimation for this process was not available for the banks and customer wanted a four color rendition of this special logo. They anticipated distributing up to 3,000 pieces, so our solution had to be scalable – which it was.

financial environment

In the rapidly changing financial regulatory environment, one of our clients conducts seminars for broker dealers concerning the conditions in the financial markets. As these seminars are presented by high level portfolio managers, the materials are timely and often assembled within three or four days of the meeting. We convert their PowerPoint Presentations into saddle stitched books of up to 80 pages. These files are provided to our FTP site, proofed, printed, converted and overnight shipped within 48 hours allowing the customer to be much more timely in the information they present. Our suggestion of the use of the customer’s shipping account for these jobs has saved them thousands of dollars in overnight freight charges compared to their former vendor.

Custom Printing Products

One of our clients was going to distribute mugs to customers to entice them to talk to a financial representative. We created the “Mugs and Kisses” program where we had Hershey Kisses candy wrapped with a bow and stuffed into the mug along with a digitally printed card that included information and an offer specific to the branch where these were being handed out. This promotion created millions of dollars in new and refinance mortgage lending for the customer.

Customized for Print

We refined a brochure for a financial planning/benefits broker that allows them to download and print customized inserts for meetings and benefits introduction seminars. In addition, we customize for the client and print the collateral materials they use at the events.

new banking and finance regulations

We had a client who processed checks for dividend distribution by the millions. Given the nature of their process, all the records were prepared prior to printing the checks. Since the customer used a positive pay process where the bank gets an electronic list of who is being paid what amount by check number, the integrity of the process was critical. Missing numbers could not be tolerated. We achieved this goal for a number of years and further refined the process with our ISO 9002 vendor to allow for changes specified in the new banking and finance regulations.

Grand Level PEAK Award

In 2008, we were recognized with a Grand Level PEAK Award by our national association for short run digital printing. We created and published a 250-page, leather-bound book commemorating the centennial anniversary of a golf club in Pasadena. The job entailed production of 1,000 books with four-color process printing on each page.

Printable Gifts

Our client wanted a “nice” giveaway for their better customers. We designed a key holder in polished nickel with their logo that allowed the customer to remove their car key to leave it with a valet and retain the rest of their keys. In addition, there was a small engraved tag stating that if the keys were lost, please deposit them in the nearest mail box and they would be returned to the owner. The opposite side of this tag had the destination address and a unique number. Each gift was accompanied by a color postcard where people could register their keys with their address. The numbers on the postcard matched a number on the keychain so the owner’s keys could be returned to them. We produced 1,000 pieces and they were very popular with the client and the return feature works, too.